Time for a Change?

stall set up

I did one of my favourite local markets last weekend, the Emu Plains Market at the Balnarring Racecourse on the Mornington Peninsula. There is something special about this market, I’m not sure if its the great setting, all my cool regular customers or just the joy of spending a day outdoors. Anyway, I digress, I was set up early so I took the opportunity to take a quick stroll around the market and check out all the other stalls, there is so much great stuff for sale! But I have to say, I started to get a serious case of stall set up envy…

I love all the vintage pieces I use in my set up, I collected each and every piece, I remember each market, garage sale, op shop and antique shop I discovered them in, but I cant help thinking its time for a change, time for a make over, time for a whole new look set up for Coco Press.

I spent a good hour browsing the local hardware store and pricing materials for my new set up this afternoon, I have done the sketches and all the planning, tomorrow I will get all my goodies together and get started! I cant wait!

So with you as my witness I hereby promise to have my new stall set up ready to rock and roll for the Red Hill Market on April 5th, see you there!