New Birthday Cards

I love to show off new cards, today I get to share with you my new letterpress birthday cards. I hope you love them as much as I do.





Father’s Day Card

I know I love to search high and low for the perfect Father’s Day gift, but we all know you can’t find the perfect gift and not have the perfect card to go with it!

Introducing my new letterpress Father’s Day card, printed in a fun aqua green and bright orange, this is not a card that will get lost on the mantlepiece!

It is of course available in my shop.

letterpress fathers day card fday9 fday1

Time for a Change?

stall set up

I did one of my favourite local markets last weekend, the Emu Plains Market at the Balnarring Racecourse on the Mornington Peninsula. There is something special about this market, I’m not sure if its the great setting, all my cool regular customers or just the joy of spending a day outdoors. Anyway, I digress, I was set up early so I took the opportunity to take a quick stroll around the market and check out all the other stalls, there is so much great stuff for sale! But I have to say, I started to get a serious case of stall set up envy…

I love all the vintage pieces I use in my set up, I collected each and every piece, I remember each market, garage sale, op shop and antique shop I discovered them in, but I cant help thinking its time for a change, time for a make over, time for a whole new look set up for Coco Press.

I spent a good hour browsing the local hardware store and pricing materials for my new set up this afternoon, I have done the sketches and all the planning, tomorrow I will get all my goodies together and get started! I cant wait!

So with you as my witness I hereby promise to have my new stall set up ready to rock and roll for the Red Hill Market on April 5th, see you there!




Introducing My New Press

My 7x11 Challenge

About a month ago, after many long months of searching, I was lucky enough to win an eBay bidding war for my beautiful new letterpress. Its a 7 x 11 Craftsman, its hand operated makes beautiful music when in action and I am in love with all its shiny brightness.

Hmmm, but I hear some of you ask, what is letterpress?

Letterpress is a traditional printmaking method that harks back to a time of handmade, when things were done slowly with love and care. It is a technique of relief printing using a printing press, where the printmaker composes and locks moveable type into the bed of the press, inks it and presses paper against it to transfer ink from the type to create an impression in the paper. Though I have a substantial collection of moveable type and can print text invitations and business ephemera in this method I usually print in a modern letterpress method that employs the use of custom made photopolymer printing plates.

I had a wonderful weekend experimenting with my press and wanted to share some action shots with you.

Letterpress Craftsman

This is a view of the rollers and the inking plate coated in sexy silver ink.

Letterpress craftsmanA view from above, you can see the photopolymer plate, the rollers and a printed card on the right.

Letterpress Craftsman

This is another view into the press, you can see the inked up photopolymer plate ready to be printed.

Vintage Letterpress Cards

I’m really enjoying the challenge of expanding my range of Letterpress Cards. I have learnt so much about letterpress in the last year and I think it’s starting to reflect in my work. I am starting to probe the boundaries of my design capabilities, experimenting with how much detail I can incorporate, learning to mix ink colours and all sorts of other fun printery things.





caravanI hope you enjoy this peek at the new additions to my Letterpress Cards and as always they are available at my Made it Shop, my etsy Shop and if you are in Brisbane or Melbourne you can find my work at in.cube8r.

What Can You Achieve in 10 Minutes?

Amelie HelpingThe other day I was chatting with the other mums at mothers group, yes I do things like that now and surprisingly I really enjoy them. Many of my friends would laugh to hear me admit that, but ho hum, that’s life we grow, we change and we live it! Anyway back to chatting with the other mums, I mentioned that I was doing a local craft market on the weekend, this sparked the usual questions about what I make, but now there was a new added dimension to the questioning, how do I find the time to do that?

Valid point, everyone out there with kids knows how hard it is to find time to make dinner, let alone get creative.

These questions have made me think about how much my work style has changed, gone are the days when I could spend long hours meandering down creative pathways of my choice. Now I am happy to carve out ten minutes of uninterrupted time. I feel that I am slightly more organised and focussed than before, I make more lists that I actually refer back to and work through. Having said that I also make many lists that I never finish…

I try to involve my little girl in my work; I give her safe things to investigate, I try to make a game of it and of course I let myself get distracted by her all the time, I try to make my work time fun for her as well as me.

Another trick is to make the most of the moment, I don’t pack up too much, that way when she plays I can pull my work out and snatch a few more minutes.

She often naps in my arms, I know, I know, its a bad habit, this is when I work on my laptop, editing photos, sketching, writing product descriptions, listing items, watching The Walking Dead, you know all the important stuff. In-fact this how I am writing this post one hand under her head and one hand typing while she snoozes peacefully in my arms.

Of course there are days that I don’t get anything at all done, but that’s ok, I’m learning to relax and roll with the baby sized punches, to slow down and enjoy the little moments more.

I shouldn’t complain as my babies first birthday draws ever nearer and she gets better at independent play its getting easier to get work done… and you know it’s amazing what you can achieve in ten minutes.