Hi! I’m Emmaline the chick behind Coco Press, the letterpress printery and the blog and I believe in living “a life more creative”.

Through my handmade letterpress business, and this here blog I want to create a little place in the world that is full of beauty, delight and just tiny bit of magic dust. I want to achieve this through sharing my story, my struggles and successes and by building a network of like minded souls, to work together to share our creative dreams, to inspire one another to push ourselves further to create not just fabulous businesses but fabulous lives as well. My greatest dream is to create joyful letterpress stationery that you just cant help wanting to pick up, to stroke the velvety paper, to admire the beautiful inky colours and most of all that makes you smile. I want my customers to fall in love with my designs, I want to create magic moments you just cant help sharing with your loved ones.

Having escaped the confines of my three walled cubicle cell in corporate Australia, I am now a Mum to a beautiful little girl, I am working very very hard to create my letterpress business and starting a Family Day Care business on the side.

So if you love to create, you’re trying to build your own creative empire, have some Family Day Care tips for me and love a good cuppa and slice of chocolate cake you sound like my kind of lady, so please get comfy have a read and please please get in contact- we cant do this alone!

Me and Amelie


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