Writing Great Product Descriptions


As you know I’m working hard to grow my fledgling printmaking business and as you also know we can’t do these things all on our own and it takes a whole lot of work to turn our dreams into reality.

Lately I have been working hard to improve my online shops, I have two, Made it and etsy, I like them both for different reasons. But I also know they both need a lot of work to get them into tip top shape. I have decided to improve my tag words (in my etsy shop) and product descriptions (for both my shops). So, characteristically, I started doing some reading and looking at how other online shops write product descriptions and tag words.

So after some writing and re-writing I am now feeling pretty good about my new product descriptions, I think they are clearer, more informative and more uniform than before. What do you think, check out the before and after product description for my Letterpress Kraft Thank You card:


In the words of the immortal Mr Elvis Presley, thank you, thank you very much!

This is an original hand letterpress printed card, in black ink on kraft card.

Your card will arrive with a kraft envelope in plastic packaging for protection.

Card is square 15x15cm.


In the words of the immortal Mr Elvis Presley, thank you, thank you very much! With design by Emmaline Lamond, head designer and printed by Coco Press. Printed in black  ink.

Size: 15x15cm (5.5×5.5inches)

Method: Letterpress printed on my Chandler and Price table top press by the seaside in Mornington, Victoria.

Paper: Kraft 240gsm card White 230gsm card

Packaging: Each card is packaged in a cello bag and posted with a card backing for protection.

About Letterpress: As my press is hand operated and due to the nature of letterpress printing variations in colour, impression and registration may occur. Rather than considering these things to be mistakes I think of them as part of the beauty of hand printing and ensures that you are getting a one of a kind piece. I do my best to accurately photograph and represent the piece you will receive.

What do you think? A bit of an improvement?

If you are interested these are some of the blogs/books I was reading when working on my new product descriptions.

Create and Thrive

The TMF Project


I would love to know what you think and where you go for help when trying to improve your online shops.


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