What Can You Achieve in 10 Minutes?

Amelie HelpingThe other day I was chatting with the other mums at mothers group, yes I do things like that now and surprisingly I really enjoy them. Many of my friends would laugh to hear me admit that, but ho hum, that’s life we grow, we change and we live it! Anyway back to chatting with the other mums, I mentioned that I was doing a local craft market on the weekend, this sparked the usual questions about what I make, but now there was a new added dimension to the questioning, how do I find the time to do that?

Valid point, everyone out there with kids knows how hard it is to find time to make dinner, let alone get creative.

These questions have made me think about how much my work style has changed, gone are the days when I could spend long hours meandering down creative pathways of my choice. Now I am happy to carve out ten minutes of uninterrupted time. I feel that I am slightly more organised and focussed than before, I make more lists that I actually refer back to and work through. Having said that I also make many lists that I never finish…

I try to involve my little girl in my work; I give her safe things to investigate, I try to make a game of it and of course I let myself get distracted by her all the time, I try to make my work time fun for her as well as me.

Another trick is to make the most of the moment, I don’t pack up too much, that way when she plays I can pull my work out and snatch a few more minutes.

She often naps in my arms, I know, I know, its a bad habit, this is when I work on my laptop, editing photos, sketching, writing product descriptions, listing items, watching The Walking Dead, you know all the important stuff. In-fact this how I am writing this post one hand under her head and one hand typing while she snoozes peacefully in my arms.

Of course there are days that I don’t get anything at all done, but that’s ok, I’m learning to relax and roll with the baby sized punches, to slow down and enjoy the little moments more.

I shouldn’t complain as my babies first birthday draws ever nearer and she gets better at independent play its getting easier to get work done… and you know it’s amazing what you can achieve in ten minutes.


One thought on “What Can You Achieve in 10 Minutes?

  1. As I read that you enjoy time at your mother’s group, it reminded me of my past post http://truthaboutparenting.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/my-tribe/. I didn’t realise how much my mother’s group would mean to me when I met them (16 years ago), but only last Friday night we caught up for dinner.
    It’s great to hear that you are finding some time to have a creative outlet, even if it is only 10 minutes at a time – not to mention also finding time to do one handed blogging – good on you!

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