Start at the Beginning

I have decided to get back to those New Year’s Resolutions, I know, I know, that was six months ago, it will be time to think about 2014 resolutions soon… Anyhow back to the blog post, I want to start sharing more of my story, a bit more about my journey so far, so where else to start but at the beginning?

Why did I start my business in the first place?

Two little girls raced each other home from school, anticipation shining in their eyes, so excited were they by the afternoon ahead.

Pink cheeked and breathless they dove into cool shadows beneath the veranda, and the hunt for perfectly shaped rocks began once again. By dinner time they had a line of freshly painted pet rocks arrayed before them.

These two little entrepreneurs were determined to go into the business of selling pet rocks with the lofty goal of saving enough money to buy a kitten.

I guess you could say my entrepreneurial journey started early, though it has been on hold until more recently. Caught up in the global zeitgeist that is the handmade movement, I have rediscovered my love of art and craft in a big way.

Rediscovering my love of art and craft especially print making lit a flame in my belly that I have only been able to control by immersing myself in the handmade movement. Not content to watch from the sidelines I decided the best way to get involved was to start my own business.

Being a part of the handmade movement makes my heart sing with joy, I love the idea of someone working from a home studio crafting an item that will end up a treasured belonging in someone else’s home. I love that hand made harks back to an earlier time when you know the person who grew your food, made your bread and yes your gifts, cards and homewares- a time of hand crafted goodness.


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