Introducing My New Press

My 7x11 Challenge

About a month ago, after many long months of searching, I was lucky enough to win an eBay bidding war for my beautiful new letterpress. Its a 7 x 11 Craftsman, its hand operated makes beautiful music when in action and I am in love with all its shiny brightness.

Hmmm, but I hear some of you ask, what is letterpress?

Letterpress is a traditional printmaking method that harks back to a time of handmade, when things were done slowly with love and care. It is a technique of relief printing using a printing press, where the printmaker composes and locks moveable type into the bed of the press, inks it and presses paper against it to transfer ink from the type to create an impression in the paper. Though I have a substantial collection of moveable type and can print text invitations and business ephemera in this method I usually print in a modern letterpress method that employs the use of custom made photopolymer printing plates.

I had a wonderful weekend experimenting with my press and wanted to share some action shots with you.

Letterpress Craftsman

This is a view of the rollers and the inking plate coated in sexy silver ink.

Letterpress craftsmanA view from above, you can see the photopolymer plate, the rollers and a printed card on the right.

Letterpress Craftsman

This is another view into the press, you can see the inked up photopolymer plate ready to be printed.


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