9 Inspirational Reads

Lately I seem to be consumed with a thirst for knowledge, from somewhere deep within I have dredged up even more passion and fire for my fledgling printmaking business. I have been seeking out advice, inspiration and motivation wherever I can find it.

In between looking after my beautiful baby girl, did I tell you she took her first steps yesterday, and creating a business I don’t have a great deal of spare time but somehow I always manage to squeeze in a little reading here and there. In the spirit of sharing and nurturing, after all isn’t that one of the things that draws us to the creative handmade community, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite reads.

Who knows maybe they will inspire and motivate you too and on the flip side if you are reading anything great please tell me all about it and I will follow you down the information rabbit hole!

So in no particular order:

The War of Art – Steven Pressman

The Skool of Life blog – Srinivas Rao

Create and Thrive blog – Jess Van Den

Forbes blog

The Purple Cow – Seth Godin

Build a Little Biz blog – Karen Gunton

The TMF Project blog– Ash Ambirge

Betty Means Business blog- Kate Byrne

The Small Army Strategy – Srinivas Rao

Please note I was in part inspired to write this post by the wonderful lady behind the great blog Create and Thrive, Jess Van Den, she has a regular post full of great ideas for more reading, called Sunday Reading, you should check it out!


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